Special Guest Coaches -Live Performances -Structural Coaching -Skill Building & Bonding -Merchandise -Videos & Pictures - Social Media Connection - Based on the Number of registered Participants the more fun we will bring to BOSTON!! REGister Now Folks.......…Read More

  2. Ozell Williams

    Ozell C. Williams Founder and CEO Ozell Williams was a member of the College Nationals Cheerleading of 2009, he is an Olympic athlete having won 3 Team USA First place rings in preliminary games.…Read More

  3. Breaking Records

    Breaking Records! CU vs. USC Ozell Breaking the Tumbling Record…Read More

  4. The Mission

    Mile High Tumblers, founded by Ozell Williams is on a mission to teach confidence through tumbling and performance skills.…Read More

  5. Determination

    Every day brings something new and it's your ability to adapt and make your dreams come true that really shows. Mile High Tumblers is still a growing company so every "Like" and "Share" helps us grow, if your interested in joining the team or would like to get in contact with Ozell, please Email Us! "We Fly High" "O""We Fly High" "O"…Read More

  6. Mile High Promo

    Come on, get involved! Ozell has made an amazing impact on our lives and we want to share it with you.…Read More

  7. Thunder Ridge High School

    Performance at Thunder Ridge High School! Check out the video from tonight's 2/15/14 performance. A huge thanks to the Thunder Ridge tumblers for their help, they did great. Awesome performance all around and many more to come!…Read More

  8. MHT 5280 Welcomes Arron Gonzales as our Executive Manager

    ARRON GONZALES – Executive Manager/Director Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC names Arron Gonzales as our Executive Management in ​DENVER, Co. September 16, 2014 Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. From the beginning, Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. (MHT) set out to serve our community and invent entertainment opportunities for our communities. We want to be the face of this exciting sport called tumbling,…Read More

  9. Ozell Williams has officially broken a world record

    It was a cold November night in Boulder, Colorado, and University of Colorado cheerleader Ozell Williams set out to make tumbling history.  57 back handsprings and tens of thousands of ecstatic football fans later, he did just that. In August of 2013, Williams went to CU spirit coordinator Lindsey Edwards with an idea of breaking a tumbling record. Travis Putnam of the school's marketing depa…Read More