Donations to Support The Boys & Girls Club

If you would like to donation for the Boys & Girls Club

You may know Ozell Williams from tumbling for the Denver Broncos and the Denver Nuggets
he also has a foundation that is a 501C3 that puts on tumbling camps and classes for inner city kids programs. Take a look at this YouTube video ( ITX Team Up
With Boys and Girls Club 2.33 minutes) of the camp we did at the Darrent Williams Boys & Girls Club 3 weeks ago. Mr. Rich Barrows, Director of the club thought 25 kids would participate out of his 150 kids. We had T-shirts, snacks, water and Swag Bags for 50 kids, however, we ended up with 116 kids. It went over so well Mr. Barrows would like us to set up a after school program to do a tumbling class every week.

I will get right to it, we need to raise $15,000 so we can do this class every week for 6 months for the kids. We have a business plan for this club and we plan with help to expand this program to three other States, get Grants and corporate sponsorships from companies in the Cheer and Tumbling industry. I am prepared to send whatever is needed to help us get this message of our plan to help the Boys & Girls Club in Metro Denver market.


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