From the beginning, Mile High Tumblers (MHT) set out to serve our community and invent entertainment for our community. We want to be the face of entertainment through tumbling, because it brings out positive feedback and actions in people and communities. Our main goal is to create and serve as a positive leader in club tumbling programs, traditional school tumbling programs and be the foundation for the new sport that is tumbling and entertainment.


Grow and Develop Interest and Participation in Tumbling

MHT wants to help kids grow and develop interest in the program as well as participate in tumbling throughout the U.S. We promote safety education for tumbling internationally in competition and other events. In 2011, the team was developed to create new opportunities for all athletes at any age and skill level. We have resources available to those at the collegiate level or lower income levels to attend or remain in school and continue to help empower and further them in life.

We still allow all our traditional tumblers and athletes in other sports to remain a vital and important part of their current school spirit or athletic programs. Our founder, Ozell Williams, ran the program while studying at the University of Colorado and participated in the CU cheer squad on the side on top of MHT. The program combines all of
the athletic skills from tumbling and puts together a 5 to 10 minute routine for some exciting high flying entertainment that makes everyone feel that WOW factor! “In its inaugural season, MHT received tremendous support from the Denver Broncos in their very first performance for the team. It became a memorable and magical season for the Broncos, which culminated in a home playoff performance. Following football season, we were invited to perform for the Denver Nuggets at a halftime show in January of 2012.”

In 2012, the number of participants from schools, clubs and local athletes of all ages are expected to double, and MHT will be introduced to numerous schools, clubs and organizations across the country as we further root ourselves into Colorado’s community throughout the year.

Promote Safety Education for Tumbling in the United States and Internationally

Under the guidance of MHT and its affiliate members, tumbling is working with medical trainers to advance tumbling safety through coaching and education. We strive to provide the best knowledge to our staff and to ensure a safe environment with the necessary credentials. Since 2012, MHT athletes have been raising awareness of tumbling safety and education, addressing misconceptions about injuries and providing data to ensure a proper training of athletes. We plan to work with experts from all segments and disciplines of tumbling to represent the MHT safety council, including the medical community, bio-mechanics experts, entertainment industry representatives, administrators, coach’s athletes and parents. We are currently working on partnering with the American Sports Medicine institute to conduct research with a goal to proactively help continue to reduce the risks of injury in tumbling.


Represent Mile High Tumblers and Entertain

Mile High Tumblers assembles all coach-able athletes that love to tumble and perform in front of tens of thousands of fans. The athletes who comprise Mile High Tumblers serve as role models to other tumblers and sports programs throughout Colorado, the United States, as well as internationally, and are honored to represent the team as we perform around the

The Mile High Tumblers organization is working on our non-profit status as a legitimate 501(c) (3) and become the international governing body for sport tumbling and entertainment.