Tumbling/Cheer Camp Xtravaganza: Fund Raiser Continues

On October 24, 25 and 26th of 2014 in Metro Denver, Colorado, we invited you to participate in our Tumbling camp and Tumbling Xtravaganza for the Metro Denver Boys & Girls Club and Breast Cancer Awareness that the NFL Denver Broncos are promoting. You came and boy it was great, in attendance was Flipcity South, Ozell Williams, Latifa Tope, Frank J. Riley III, Nicholas Longo, Adam Devenport, Jack Payne, Taylor Ullemeyer, Patrick Cowherd, Brenden McAleavey, Mike King, Guy JaXon, Austin Raye, Brandi Hunter, Garrett Wheeler, Maurice Hatcher and Belong Designs!

The children of the Denver Metro Boys & Girls Club were into the camp, there was some real athletes that will make great tumblers in the future.

The proceeds will help continue to grow the Darrent Williams Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club and the efforts of research in Breast Cancer Awareness. If you did not get a chance to donate to help raise money you still can. Just click on the donations pay pal button and make your donation.

The address is Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club 4397 Crown Blvd. Denver, CO 80239