ARRON GONZALES – Executive Manager/Director

Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC names Arron Gonzales as our Executive Management​DENVER, September 16, 2014 Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. From the beginning, Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. (MHT) set out to serve our community and invent entertainment opportunities for our communities. We want to be the face of this exciting sport called tumbling, because it brings out positive actions in people and communities. Our main goal is to create and serve as positive leaders in club tumbling programs, traditional school tumbling programs and be the foundation for the new sport, that is tumbling. Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. announced today that Mr. Arron Gonzales has joined the company as Executive Management.

Mr. Gonzales comes to Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. with over 22 years of experience in sales, marketing, and recruiting in the music entertainment industry. His background in promotions, marketing, distribution, contract negotiations, artist development and management led him to be one of a very few to ever have an independent marketing and distribution deal with TOWER RECORDS. He also serves currently as one of the Executive Director with Legal Shield, one of the nation’s leading providers of legal and identity theft safeguards for individuals, families and small businesses.

Mr. Gonzales utilized his experience in sales, leadership, recruiting and organizational collaboration to build a nationwide sales and recruiting organization and was instrumental in bringing one of the largest Affinity deals to Legal Shield: an account of 1.1 million associate members with documented market penetration of insurance services of 31%. This opened the door to over 330,000 new potential members for LegalShield’s services. “Having Arron join Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. is a great step forward for the company. His ability to be a self-driven team player and his strength in communication and developing interpersonal relationships, will allow Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. to continue to shine.

GARCIA – Director of Performers

Renee Garcia is a Colorado Native Wife, mother of 8 and a grandmother of 6 dedicated to performance programs for Mile High Tumblers 5280. Renee assists in organizing tumbling classes, dance classes, tumbling/dance camps and all performances for profit and non profit. Renee directs fund raising campaigns for the students, athletes and Non Profit section of Mile High Tumblers 5280. Renee believes that everyone is born with the ability to be great at many things and that when directed to the right people, they can be a success in every avenue. Mile High Tumblers 5280 is a company with many talented directors and she is proud to be a part of shaping the future of the company and students of all ages.


 BLEA‐DAVIS – Community Outreach Manager

Mercedes Blea-Davis has been involved with Cheer and anything athletic for the majority of her life. From running track, playing basketball to cheerleading and dance, Mercedes has always loved to compete and what better way to stay in shape than doing what you love.

One of Mercedes’ heart passions is focused around supporting, uplifting and creating safe environments for young people of all ages. Since 2008, Mercedes has combined her passion for athletics and youth and began coaching little league cheer for the Denver Youth Police Athletic League (PAL). She is currently an Assistant Coach for the Montbello Warriors Co-Ed Cheer Team. Mercedes has cheered at a collegiate level, and even danced for a semi-professional football team, while also being a part of the Denver Grand Prix Grid girls and supported MMA fighters as a ring girl.

Mercedes has had the opportunity to work with youth from numerous areas across the nation and in various capacities and enjoys being able to create a positive environment while allowing the young people to grow and enjoy the pleasures of being children. She has spent 14 years with College Summit, a nationally recognized non-profit whose purpose is focused around providing resources and tools to low income and underprivileged high school students surrounding post-secondary education.

In her free time, Mercedes enjoys traveling, trying new foods and restaurants, reading, shopping, but mostly spending time with her AMAZING 3 year old daughter!

 OSCANSEY – Head Coach Montbello Co-Ed Cheer Team and Student Advisor at Stedman Elementary

I’m in my second year as the Head Coach of the Warrior Team, prior to stepping into my role I was the Coach for the Park Hill Lady Pirates Team for 6 years. Through Cheerleading I’ve be able utilize my leadership and relationship skills to encourage young people to see past their limitations.

I have a degree in Public Relations from Metro State University and I’m currently finishing a degree in Cultural Anthropology, with an emphasis in Human Services from Metro State University.

 ERVIN – Administrative Director

Rilla Ervin, Colorado native. Mother of 4 kids, but she adopts all children known as “Mother of America”. Currently works at SCL Health System and Kohls. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family and friends.


 BROWN – Dance Coach

Austin Brown,Started dancing in 2009 so he confesses that he still have tons to learn but can be teach all young and old. Austin joined the Mile High Tumblers in November of 2014 and for him it has been an amazing experience. Austin has done shows with the BodyRockers such as Stone Age and ElbowzUp. Sometime in the near future Austin would want the team and myself to have our own facility for any and everybody that wants to dance or fall into gymnastics like he did. We all have different dreams but for Austin it’s wanting to better others in addition to bettering his self as people and as dancers through dance.


 HUGHES – Director of Dance

I have been dancing for about 12 years and have dedicated my life to different art forms of dance. I have watched and learn many different styles, such as, Liquid, Turfing, Lyrical, Poplocking, Krumping, Tutting, and many other forms. The only difference is that I have molded all those different forms of dance and made them into my own style that speaks to my heart.

I started on my own just learning very basic dance moves when I was younger and mostly focused on singing, but when I graduated in 2007, I moved to Choctaw, Oklahoma and joined a ministry team called HYPE. HYPE was a huge part of where my dance life is today because they taught me that dance and performing is more than just an art. That is was way to share your heart with others and tell your story in a way that most can’t explain through words. HYPE is a professional school assembly team that travels the world performing different arts, such as, Drama Skits, Stomp, Comedy Skits, Dancing, and Singing.

Once I left HYPE in 2010, I came back to Colorado to just share my love for dance by performing and just dancing wherever I could, not to be seen, but to just show my love for dance and meet other dancers that share the same passion as me. I have been in many competitions and have performed in front of some big producers, such as Def Jam Records, and have been seen on YouTube videos by Tech N9ne and CES Cru, but that is only the beginning for me. I have travelled all over the states and Canada just showing my heart through my dancing.

I met Ozell and the Mile High Tumblers when I used to work for DTC Global Athletics back in September 2013, talked about the vision that he had for a team he wanted to create, and have been with the team since March or April of 2014. I’ve done some performances with the team and just waiting to see what else this team has in store for me and just bring my heart, talent, and experience to the table. I have ran my own team, taught my own classes and students for a little over 4 years now and know how the industry works, hard work, practices to make routine, and progressing in techniques every month. I’ve taught many of the students that have taken my classes that dance is more than just looking good, but that each movement should represent a piece of your heart for people to see. It means more to you when you dance that way. I always start from the foundation of the technique that I teach for you to get the concept and move on from there with more difficult moves, but it takes a lot of patience. I know that this is what I was born to do because I never get tired of it and its all that I do and I can’t help it.

Nothing is ever going to stop me from doing what I love to do because it has literally saved my life in more ways that I could ever explain. I am here to inspire those that have the passion and heart for dance, showing everyone that if you put in the hard work and keep your heart in the right place, anything can happen.


ADAM YAW – Design Team

Raised in Shoreline, Washington, Adam Yaw has been tumbling his entire life. After a decade of competitive gymnastics, Yaw studied fine art at the University of Washington where he served on their coed cheer squad. He further went on to a year of training under Mike Baker in the University of Hawai’i cheer program. Yaw met Ozell Williams in 2013 when they were teammates and roommates for Team USA Coed – the most prestigious collegiate team in the world. Yaw continues to reside in Washington where he has worked for Connect Cheer NW for over six years.