ARRON GONZALES – Executive Manager/Director

Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC names Arron Gonzales as our Executive Management in ​DENVER, Co. September 16, 2014 Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. From the beginning, Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. (MHT) set out to serve our community and invent entertainment opportunities for our communities. We want to be the face of this exciting sport called tumbling,  it brings out positive actions in people and in communities. Our main goal is to create and serve as positive leaders in club tumbling programs, traditional school tumbling programs and be the foundation for the new sport, called Tumbling.

Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. announced today that Mr. Arron Gonzales has joined the company as Executive Management. Mr. Gonzales comes to Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. with over 22 years of experience in sales, marketing, and recruiting in the music entertainment industry. His background in promotions, marketing, distribution, contract negotiations, artist development and management led him to be one of a very few to ever have an independent marketing and distribution deal with TOWER RECORDS. He also serves currently as one of the Executive Director with LegalShield, one of the nation’s leading providers of legal and identity theft safeguards for individuals, families and small businesses. Mr. Gonzales utilized his experience in sales, leadership, recruiting and organizational collaboration to build a nationwide sales and recruiting organization and was instrumental in bringing one of the largest Affinity deals to LegalShield. “Having Arron join Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. is a great step forward for the company. His ability to be a self-driven team player and his strength in communication and developing interpersonal relationships, will allow Mile High Tumblers 5280, LLC. to continue to shine.June 7-2013 009