International Tumbling Xtravaganza

Tumbling Camp


This is a summary of MHT 5280 and Flip City South for the October 24, 25 & 26th Boys and Girls Club with the Denver Broncos Breast Cancer Awareness Camp / Tumbling Performance Gathering at the Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club 4397 Crown Blvd. Denver, CO 80239

Summary of event:

Days for Camps: 3 Day Camp
Friday – Boys & Girls Club Camp / Tumbling Performance
Time of event # hrs: 3 hrs ( 4 p.m.- 7 p.m.)

Bring Everyday: Black Shorts, Gym Shirt and Tumbling shoes (Please)

· Introduction of MHT Team with demos 40 minutes

· Camp Overview 10 minutes

· Basic Tumbling Skill Evaluations Based on participants 40 minutes.

. We will get into some structural open gym, for an hour, to see where the athletes are and find
out what the athletes are interested in.

For the first day of camp, MHT and Flip City South would like for everyone to be in the gym. We will handle all paperwork, answer any questions, and do demonstrations.

Develop the Skill Progression Chart for each child – 30 minutes

MHT and Flip City South will do demonstrations while coaches work on the Skill Progression Chart.

· Basic skills

· Novice Skills

· Intermediated Skills

· Advance Skills

· SCX Skills

Day 2 – Skill building / Education / Demonstrations
Saturday- # of hours:
11 hrs (8:30 a.m.-7 p.m.)

Team Arrival Times:

· Beginners Times:
8:30 a.m. – 11a.m. (White Shirts) Color Black

· Intermediated
Times: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Grey Shirts) Color Red

· Advanced Times:
2p.m. – 5p.m. (Black Shirts) Color Silver

· Open Gym: 5p.m. – 6p.m. ( Skill Build Progression) Everyone Comes

· Game Night : 6p.m. – 7p.m. – Serious of games that test athleticism, endurance, etc and have
a lot of fun.

Everything below is what will be teaching to the athletes at the camp.

Back Tumbling & Running Tumbling Approach, Approach Into: Walking on toes/ bounding on toes / rebound on toes, Round off–>form, level, speed, posture, Round-off back-handspring: Body positions, Flexibility in(Shoulders), Stretching (Distance)

-BHS Spring Approach

Explain and Fix their approach into a back-handspring, the way they think about it, etc.
-Standing Tuck Approach, Teach them a new way to fly, the meaning of straight jump, Running Tumbling Approach, Teaching them how to approach with technique, maintain their speed, and be aggressive. Connecting Tumbling Approach, Teaching them the basic approach to connecting skills with ease, The approach to stretching, technique, muscle memory, and body awareness while maintaining speed. SYNC Tumbling Approach, Teaching athletes the basic approach of knowing their surroundings, timing with others,
tricks and how to basically sync any tumbling pass with almost anyone. Specialty Passes approach, Teaching athletes how to find their own skill that highlights some of what their best at, but also having a variety of skills that WOWs the crowd. Front Tumbling Approach, Teaching basic approach to front tumbling, leading into a variety of awesome front
tumbling skills by the end.

Other Drills to further advance,


· Conditioning

· Team Bonding

· Games

Day Three:
-Awards, Exhibition Performance Show, Prizes, Videos and Pictures of the whole camp!!
Time: 2 pm – 5 pm: Recap on Days one and two, ending performance, close up awards, recognition, collaboration video, goodie bags, packets (Programs, fundraisers, non-profit)

Cost to participate Everyone must be a Boys and Girls Club Member which is taken care of at registration the first day. Pictured ID is required

1. Local Registered Members of the Host Boys and Girl Club Free

2. $100 Fee for All out of State performers

3. $45 Fee in advance for instate Performers $65 at the door for all three days


4. $7 at the door each day

Make sure you go to the Register Page to get your youth registered, please download the Registration form fill it out and email it back to milehightumblers5280@gmail.com and click the Buy Now Button to register in advance.



Mile High Tumblers is passionate about pouring into our community by using tumbling to connect with and entertain people. Below are a list of our other program entities that we are working with. These companies below are basically companies that all have the same purpose, same mission statement as we do, but use a different approach. Together we are working on creating a boys and girls club program that helps the youth community and communities come together and want to do more.

Mile High Tumblers 5280

  • Boys & Girls Program ages 3&up
  • All ages performances (meet people, discipline, awareness, etc)
  • Incorporates mentorship/tutoring program
  • Opens more doors for them to build on themselves
  • Give back to community/help get kids into college
  • Under/over privileged
  • Tumbling Academy
  • Bring love, Joy, and happiness through entertainment

CU Chapter of Mile High Tumblers

  • Open Doors to potential
  • Enhancing outdoors’ Athlete’s Skill set
  • Scholarships for members/alumni
  • Perform at shows
  • Learn to become a coach
  • Be introduced to something new and learn what their passion is
  • Become mentors for MHT5280
  • The best (levels 4, 5, 6) get to participate in shows

Denver Broncos MHT

  • 10 Male Tumblers, 18 and up, tumble at all Bronco Home Games
  • Paid, Meal, Uniform, Field View of Game,
  • New People Carry Flags
  • Maintain communication
  • 5 specific Broncos Tumblers w/ elite skills
  • 5 alternates
  • Expectations/Guidelines (include practices and check deduction)
  • Required to do appearances
  • Be on time or be left/ unknown incentives/ meals all paid for MVP
  • PVT in community service hours (use on future resumes)

O Fly High Inc.

  • Branding endorsement, Sponsorship like Team Jordan
  • Broadcast the elite at any age
  • Very competitive/ get spotlighted in everything, magazine
  • Athletes get sponsored : Team Fly High
  • Scholarships for college
  • Community involvement/ get to create their own unique shoe
  • Visit colleges
  • 5 star performances/shows

O-zones Camps

  • Camps (cheer, tumbling, dance, etc.)
  • Coaches clinics, certifications
  • Community camps/ high schools, big groups
  • Fitness/skills/progressional camps
  • Teach what we do for Nuggets /Broncos etc.
  • Camps are for any and all agwes
  • Build entrepreneurs

Mile High 5280 Dance

  • Whole new innovative dance w/ tumbling and stunting choreography
  • Step, lyrical, ballet
  • Mini dance team, where are shows
  • Shows for dance crowds
  • Costumes, visual effects, light shows
  • Bring dance to new places
  • Create dance mood within people

Mile High Production

  • Videographers, photographers, social media, bloggers, web designers
  • Artist, event decorators and planners
  • Set up fundraiser events, DJ’s, MC’s, equipment people, security
  • Agents administrators, costume designers
  • Community Street teams
  • Produce fliers, banners, power prints, etc.
  • PR team, cpa team, scouting team
  • Male/female management team
  • Sweep team
  • IT team
  • Building Production Team ( lighting, phones, sound)
  • Educational support team
  • Rental cars, busses, call center, mechanics

Mile High Foundation

  • Mentorship,tutoring, disability program
  • Banquets, fundraisers, give to others
  • Book readings, community growth
  • Associate with more 5013(c) companies
  • Similar to B&G clubs of early 90’s