CU Chapter of Mile High Tumblers
I founded CU Chapter of MHT to develop strong athletes and well rounded citizens by teaching discipline, responsibility, respect, sense of ownership and other characteristics that mimic upstanding citizens. Our goal is to prepare each member mentally and physically while simultaneously teaching them how to build and maintain strong, long term, and positive networks within the community.
There are no LIMITS to where this team can go. This is an entertainment team of Tumblers that train throughout the year to maintain high flying skills and acrobatics that others would love to be taught and dream of doing. We perform yearly to keep the profit margin positive so that it is relatively easy cash flow. The practice would be held Sunday’s and also more practice when needed.

Mile High Madness Event
The Mile High Madness event is to promote the beginning of a New CU Chapter. This event is also to start a tradition of awareness towards young athletes and students that want to do more and love to be challenged. This will create more than just athletes; it will create strong willed young minds and capture their individual attention to do better in life. This event is like a carnival. We will have games, some tumbling being taught to some lucky young ones, raffles, entertainment, pictures with CU athletes and some professional athletes; it will also encompass signing autographs. There will be food, drinks and a special guest entertainment performance by Mile High Tumblers and the Artist MOSS performing our theme song “Mile High”. This is a new and fun event being exposing the masses to tumbling. Our goal is to use tumbling to help make changes in schools, communities and soon thereafter the state of Colorado.

Help from the Greek Chapters:

  • Help promote this event
  • Bring in some cool games that we can use to have the little kids interact with the older ones and also the student body of CU.

You have heard what the event is about and what to expect, so if you have any ideas or suggestions please feel free to email me at, I will also be able to send you more information regarding the event. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from some of you, if not all of you to help make this vision come true.

Professional Performance Team

MHT5280 Performance & Traveling team for tumbling, dance and Dunk Squad are coming up soon. No experience required, +18up, male and/or females.

MHT5280 Performance for tumbling, dance and dunk squad are coming up soon. No experience required, ages +3 – 17yrs, male and/or females. Rec Dunk Squad Coming Soon!!