The Mile High Tumblers family is an organization of athletes of all skill levels striving to learn high flying flips to entertain crowds at a variety of different events across the state of Colorado and, eventually, the nation. Our high energy performances keep audiences on their toes, waiting in anticipation for what we will do next.

As a young company, we are in need of YOUR HELP! Part of our mission is to keep kids out of trouble by providing a constructive and positive atmosphere, by being a part of our family. With your financial support, together we can help provide these athletes with the equipment they need to help build up their skill levels, expenses used for traveling to events and fees for continuing to provide a safe environment.

With your sponsorship of this elite program, our athletes will not only build trust and confidence in those around them showing their support, but build self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation to push themselves to achieve goals in all aspects of life. To help, please contact Ozell Williams at: 720.306.1648,