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The Founding Board of Mile High Tumblers Foundation (MHTF) was formed over 10 years ago due to the increasing demand for tumbling classes of the Denver neighborhood. The institution holds a Tax Exempt Status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the IRS Code. The Board of Directors now consists of seven highly qualified individuals that donate their time to establish and run the club along with several board members.

MHTF management consists of professionals with tumbling knowledge and background willing to volunteer part-time. This team is hired from within so they can contribute their skills where necessary to help provide coverage during all hours of operations. 


MHTF staff is also composed of coaches who have previously been tumblers. They work in the tumbling classes, organize camps, as well as participate in events. The staff also takes the initiative to encourage parents to get more involved -- a strategy to strengthen the core values and team mindset.


Below is the Board list:

Board President: Ozell Williams Jr
Board Vice-President: Mercedes Blea-Davis
Board Executive Director: Nichole Mason
Board Treasurer: Mike Hurdler
Board Chief Administrator: Nikki Higgs
Board Attorney: Christina Gilbertson
Board Member: Irene Oyang
Board Member: Marquese Flowers
Board Member: Adam Yaw
Board Member: Adam Potolsky
Board Member: Dalpheen Mora
Board Member: Alex Sanneh
Board Member: Joshua Smith
Board Member: Kristin Chui
Board Member: Malaika White
Board Member: Meagan Hoskins
Board Member: Sethe TuckerBoard Member: Kevin Johnston
Board Member: Zimmeri Mcneal
Board Member: Aaliyah Ali

Board Member: Phillip Davis

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