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Meet Our Staff

Sannah Sanneh

"Sanna create successful solutions for global business" 

He spent his time empowering Startups, Non-Profits, businesses and creative entrepreneurs to achieve success. Sanna has excellent communication skills and he can represent any business to build relationships with customers. As an entrepreneur and digital creative, he understands how important marketing is to the overall success of any business entity. As an analytical and strategic thinker, he is always one step ahead in finding creative solutions to business and marketing problems. Sanna is a self-starter who is willing to learn and go beyond his way to get things done. In his leisure time, Sanna enjoys traveling, yoga practice, meditation, walking and spending time with his family. He also loves exploring new cultures, cooking, dancing, going to the beach and volunteering for community development projects.


Adam Yaw

Adam Yaw was raised in Shoreline, Washington. He grew up constantly doing gymnastics and artwork. When he attended the University of Washington, he pursued his degree in Fine Arts and was pulled on to the school’s cheer team. After graduating at UW he briefly cheered at the University of Hawai’i, and then later Team USA, where he met Ozell Williams. He has been helping Ozell’s MileHighTumblers with graphics and gym connections ever since. Adam served as the Head Coach of Bellevue College Cheer from 2015 to 2020. Adam continues to do lessons in tumbling and stunting, while simultaneously working on his career in oil painting.

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Makayla Juniel

Makayla Juniel is an entrepreneur: chocolatier in the making, clothing boutique owner, and barista; and the Event Coordinator for Mile High Tumblers 5280 and the Mile High Tumbling Foundation. Ms. Juniel has held a strong role of leadership in client relations, communications, media, and journalism in past endeavors. Her family is her drive and motivates her to work hard day in and out. She has goals to become a major fashion and travel retailer for women, as well as a notable chocolatier that is known for innovative yet addicting flavor combinations. In her spare time, Ms. Juniel enjoys watching horror movies, vlogging for her YouTube channel, trying new restaurants, spending time with family, and taking pictures.


Aysha Mathes

As a multimedia artist and senior film major at Dillard University, Aysha has experience in filmmaking, creative direction, photography, graphic design, social media, public relations, and most recently... advertising. 

Aysha thrives in exploration and not limiting her potentials just to one thing. She is always networking and creating new connections, learning new skills and improving on her talents.

Her pastimes revolves around creating designs, making clothes, and writing music.


Trizah Esther

(Author of the blogs and articles on others)


Digital Marketing is her expanse. Trizah uses her writing ability, creativity and communication prowess to market companies & retailers. She has also manifested her creative expression through her alter ego, the anonymous corporate writer for over two years now. Having worked with Black Market Records, Trapflix Ent, Mile High Tumblers & AGU as a chief editor presents her abilities as those of a pre-eminent writer. She also writes films and short stories as a freelancer. Among Trizah's various interests include social media management, creating content, accounting, networking and marketing. 


Dr Johnny Davis

Dr. Davis. was born and raised in Englewood, Illinois and credits his childhood there for his passion and drive today. He pursued football at Saint Xavier University, which is where he first found chiropractic care.


Prior to moving to Colorado in 2021, he practiced one year in Minnesota and two years in Wisconsin. He's been loving his time in Colorado and can’t wait to explore more of its beauty. He is very eager to begin serving the people of Highlands Ranch and the surrounding communities. Johnny looks forward to meeting you and your family and helping you all become the best versions of you!

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