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Tumbling is who we are. From classes and camps to private lessons and program consultations, we've got what you need.

We offer coed, all-boy, and all-girl program opportunities; all genders welcome!

Camp/Class Layout 1

Athletes will learn proper technique, form, & discipline of tumbling, and more. They will learn to control their body, correct use of muscles, flexibility, and overcome fears while enhancing their athletic attributes. 


They will train the basics - and towards their multiple desired skills - while training on the following areas: 


Opening & Middle Drills -

    ● Warm Ups & Stretching (Get the blood flowing, prevent injuries, introduce ourselves, etc.) 

    ● Strength & Conditioning (Workout to withstand and improve all we do)

    ● Team Bonding Activities within the Material (Little fun games that challenge them) 


1st Half 

    ●  Front & Back & Sideways Basic Tumbling (Kicks, Stance, Approaches, etc.)

    ●  Standing & Running Tumbling (Skips, Hops, Jumps, Step Tumbling, etc.)

    ●  Front Tumbling (Shoulder Flexibility, Skill Variety, Body Awareness, etc.)

    ●  Back Tumbling (Fear Factor, Trust, Discipline, Confidence, Respect, etc.)

    ●  Sideways Tumbling (New World, Diverse, Senses Heightened, Direction Variety, etc.)

    ●  Connecting Tumbling (Trust Fall, Quickness, Hot Potato, Senses Discipline)

    ●  Synchro Tumbling (Timing, Technique, Form, Style, etc.)

    ●  Tumbling Outlets (Everyday Use, "Use It, Never Lose It")

    ●  Partner Trick Tumbling (Forward Rolls, Cartwheels, Front Walker Overs, etc.)

2nd Half

    ●  Entry/Finish (Front+Back+Side+Bounce Back) (Variety, Diverse, Entertaining)

    ●  Standing Tumbling (Quickness, Speed, Thought Process, Form, etc.)

    ●  Running Tumbling (Agility, Staying Low, Commit, Strength, etc.)

    ●  Connecting Tumbling (Determination, Power, Control, Awareness, Belief, etc.)

    ●  Bounding Tumbling (Power, Strength, Quickness, E.M.P. Level, etc.)

    ●  Specialty Passes (Creativity, Uniqueness, Individuality, True Born, etc.) 

Camp/Class Layout 2

Develop the Skill Progression Chart for each Athlete. Optional: Each athlete will come to class with their own binder. These binders are positive encouragements for the athletes to set goals, write out their experiences, learn about their bodies, and more. 


  • Basic Skills (No experience, and/or some experience) 

  • Intermediated Skills (Back Handsprings, Tucks and Connecting skills)

  • Advance Skills (Layouts, Fulls, Connecting, Bounding & More) 

  • SCX Skills (Triples, Double Backs & Defying Gravity)


Education & Demonstrations on Skill Building

  • Approach into and out of Standing Tumbling, (Step), and Running

  • Tumbling/Approach : Cartwheels & Round off/Approach

  • BackBend Series & Back Handsprings/Approach

  • Standing Tumbling/Approach

  • Running Tumbling/Approach

  • Connecting Tumbling/Approach

  • SYNC Tumbling/Approach

  • Specialty Passes approach

  • Front Tumbling Approach

Other Drills to further advance: 

  • Strength 

  • Conditioning 

  • Tumbling Games 

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Tumbling Pricing

Annual Registration Fee

All genders; coed, all-boy, all-girl; ages 2+​

One day a week, 4 classes a month:

  • 1 hour ages 1.5 - 5

  • 1 hour ages 6+

  • 1.5 hour

One time Drop-Ins available

Also available

  • Parent & Tot (1.5yrs) Training

  • Performance Programs

  • Private Lessons

  • Consultations

Ask for Discounts & Opportunities:

  • Siblings

  • Military

  • Non Profit (Work Study)

  • After School Programs

  • Performances

  • Scholarship & Sponsorships Opportunities 

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  • Basic fitness programs available for our tumbling and sports programs and to the general public.

  • Training for combine tumbling, parkorr, ninja warrior, etc.

  • In progress: working towards personal trainer certificate.

  • Please inquire for more info.

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