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Impact the Youth


To impact the youth in our community and help build self- confidence, provide resources and support to help them to maximize their full potential in life and in society while reaching their self-actualization points. 

Mission Statement: 

The mission of Impact the Youth (ITY) is to impact and make a positive difference in the lives of the youth, not only adolescents but also the young adults that reside in our communities. Impact the Youth will focus on the values of building confidence, providing resources, instilling positivity and responsibility, while expressing encouragement. The adolescents and young adults will be provided with dedicated support to help the previously mentioned core values that are needed to be successful within their community and within themselves. We believe that the youth are our future so we have taken on the responsibility to make sure that the future is bright.




Program Description:

ITY is a program that will reinforce positivity to our youth through the form of mentoring early-class high school students with positive college student role models. The college students (life models) will be influential supporters and provide guidance, encouragement, and life skills which in turn will help develop self-esteem and self-confidence for future youth in our community. The meetings will be held on campus and in turn will demonstrate a more positive aspect of college life. ITY is designed to not only impact the high school students but it will also impact the lives of the life models that will be accountable for the guidance and support of their mentees. Impact the Youth will provide the youth the opportunity to make a difference in each other lives either through mentoring or being a mentee. 





  • College students (life models) 

  • Faculty on campus 

  • Referred career professionals 


Recruitment & Practice:

  • Tumbling Projects 

  • Coaching

  • After School Programs

  • Performances/Jobs

  • Building their own Brands




  • Freshmen high school students 

  • Sophomore high school students 

  • Upperclassmen referred by high school counselor or advisors



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