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Welcome to the “Rep Yo City” Tumble Off. We are a tumbling organization that has created a platform for everyone, everywhere (whether you are an experienced tumbler or novice). We are hosting a Tumbling Camp and Competition: Camp ages 1+ with a mini show off and Competition ages 6+. There will be food, music, other entertainment, cash/material prizes, and much more! We are currently taking registration for more tumblers, campers, entertainment, sponsors, and donors. So, come sign up and have fun!

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We can't wait to see you in Denver!

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JULY 15 & 16, 2023

Event Registration Links & Details:

Rep Yo City Summer Flipping Xtravaganza Participation Sign Up

  • Once they fill out the forms, they will receive an email from us. This email will ask if they will be paying or if they will be sponsored by another organization. 

  • Registrations & Waiver form can be accessed Electronically on the event page. 

  • Tickets for the event will be given upon completion of all necessary documents.


Rep Yo City Summer Flipping Xtravaganza Event Registration

  • Sign up for Tumbling and/or Tricking.

    • Clinic

    • Showoff

    • Competition

  • Tickets will be received upon payment and documentation completion.

  • Spectators may purchase tickets via the website. 

Rep Yo City Summer Flipping Xtravaganza Booth Sign Up

  • Booths geared toward youth & young adult community

    • (fun, health & wellness, snacks, educations, grooming, marketing & promotion, careers, materials to better living, etc)

    • Payments can be made on our website:


Come Flip with us….. July 15th and 16th @aabwellnesscenter! $50 in advance, $55 at the door. Three part session. We will have MC/DJ, games, food (BBQ), goodie bags, prizes, vendors, arts & crafts section, video & photographers, community fun and more! Prices are the same for everyone. 


Saturday & Sunday 

Beginners ages (6+), including littles ages (1-5) from 9am - 11am.


*Intermediate & Advance athletes, ages (6+) from 11am - 1pm.


Tumbling games & competition ages (6+) from 3pm - 5pm! 



$50 (pay in Advance) or $55 (Day of the Event)

Camp and/or Competition, along with a show off on Sunday! 

Participants All Ages (Youth & Adults) Bring:

  • Water Bottle

  • Towel (if needed)

  • Snacks if you are participating in 2 sessions 

  • Wear Athlete Gear



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